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  • The Debate SiteThe Debate Site
    • The Debate Site was established by on March 10, 2000, with the goal of helping both novice and advanced debaters alike enhance their research and argumentation skills. We hope to be the number-one source of new theory ideas and evidence on the current HSLDA debate topic.
    • Site maintained by Ryan Lee Stollar.

  • Communicators for ChristCommunicators for Christ
    • This page was designed to help promote our vision of expanding Christian communication skills across the United States, in the homes of families active in their communities. As Tedd Tripp wrote in Shepherding a Child's Heart, "Home is the place for developing these skills. What a great advantage the child has who has learned to articulate his thoughts and to understand others." Feel free to explore this site and discover what Communicators for Christ can do to help you and your friends and family improve your communication skills.
    • Site maintained by Ryan Lee Stollar.

  • The Christian Debater
    • The Christian Debater is a monthly Webzine of articles, columns and commentaries to assist you in your speaking and debating experience. This is the site of Training Minds Ministry, a nonprofit ministry. Its goals include guiding the novice as well as empowering the expert. "Train the mind for action" (1 Peter 1:13).
    • Site maintained by Chris Jeub.