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Team Policy Debate: TP
Lincoln-Douglas Debate: LD
Individual Events: IE
>Debate Seminar:

Santa Clara Speech and Debate Club Annual Debate Conference
September 14th-16th, 2000
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

And the winners are...
Team Awards:
1st Jared Light & Chris Schlener
2nd Sara Humphrey & Rachel Onajafe
3rd Anna Fuller & Hannah Roos
4th Joseph Sheffield & Elliot Pope
5th Mattthew Bailey & Ryan Stollar
6th Isaac Gilkinson & Timothy Heggem
7th George Davis & Alishan Merjanian
8th Krisalyn Whiteaker & Bri Efting

1st Timothy Heggem
2nd Sarah Wilson
3rd George Davis
4th Sara Humphrey
5th Ryan Stollar
6th Jared Light
7th Elliot Pope
8th Laura Barnard
9th Andrew Bailey
10th Rajan Trehan

Also we are tenatively planning a qualifying tournament for IE, LD, and Team
Policy Debate March 29th-April 1, 200l at Santa Clara University.
Registration will open January 1, 200l.
- The Santa Clara Speech and Debate Club

September 14-16, 2000
Santa Clara

>HSLDA Transition:

Because of the rapid growth in the homeschool forensics movement and the birth of Christy Shipe's second daughter (Rachael) three weeks ago, HSLDA is in the process of forming a new, independent organization to manage the program. This new organization, The National Christian Forensics and Communication Association (NCFCA), will be led by a seven-member board of directors:
  • Todd Cooper, Chairman (Christian Family Schools, CA)
  • Michael Farris (HSLDA, VA)
  • Christy Shipe (HSLDA, VA)
  • Teresa Moon (Communicators for Christ, CA)
  • Skip Rutledge (Dir. Of Communication Studies, Pt. Loma University, CA and president of the National Parliamentary Debate Association)
  • Debroah Haffey (Dir. Of Communication Studies, Cedarville College, OH)
  • Terry Stollar (Gutenberg College, OR)

Our thanks to Christy Shipe, who started this league and has invested the past several years in developing it. Christy is retiring to motherhood, but will continue to be involved at the board level. This was her last tournament. Christy received the Pioneer Award via telephone for her efforts.

Also receiving the Pioneer Award was Teresa Moon for her efforts in training both students and coaches across the nation and for her tireless efforts in building the league. We offer California's gratitude to both of them.


>National Tournament Results Correction:

Due to a tabulation room error, special third place recognition is given to Timothy Heggem and Samuel Hawkey of CA. - HSLDA Website

>News from Nationals:

Here is a quick update from the National Tournament held in San Diego June 22-24. It was a wonderful tournament with a lot of enthusiasm and participation from parents and students alike. The addition of IE and LD to the National Tournament resulted in a total of 167 participants, including 47 debate teams and 12 LD participants. Many students were entered in multiple events. Todd Cooper and his large volunteer staff did a wonderful job of keeping many balls in the air at the same time. Thanks to all who helped out.

While we are all delighted for those who won in each event, let us keep in mind the larger goal of this league: Christian communication. Judges and observers were very favorably impressed with the conduct, the demeanor, and the communication skills of our students. Each student was a credit to his or her family and to our Lord. Every student who attended the tournament was a winner. Congratulations to each of you!